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Does Direct Marketing Still Get Results?

Many companies only use direct marketing to reach their potential customers. Direct marketing or direct response marketing covers all forms of marketing  that communicate directly with the customer, including text messaging, email, interactive consumer websites, online display ads, database marketing, flyers, catalog distribution, promotional letters and even newspaper/magazine advertisements, and outdoor advertising if they are oriented towards getting responses. While direct marketing can be ...

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Why Should You Hire a Marketing Consultant?

Its human nature so I won’t take it personally.  As a businessperson with limited financial resources there are many arguments that you can justify your decision not to hire a marketing professional. One of the ones that anyone in sales or marketing will hear repeatedly is that “we don’t have the budget or that the “business needs to allocate those funds somewhere else”. While that might be a valid point, the question begs to be asked, does the business want any customers in a few mon...

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Canada, an E-Commerce Contradiction?

I buy books, CD’s and DVD’s (yes I believe in musicians, publishers and authors getting paid for their creative works), clothing and just about everything else online. And I am not the only Canadian who shops online. According to the Internet Association, Canadians lead the world when it comes to the amount of webpages visited each month and spent $122 billion on goods in 2012. Yet only 46% of Canadian businesses have a website and only 3% of our retail economy takes place online. Let me get...

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Does Traditional Advertising Still Work?

It’s almost that time of the year again, partridges are singing in pear trees (like that ever happened), the egg nog is chilling in the fridge and jolly St. Nick is making his annual rounds. It’s also the time of the year that sales and marketing managers have to evaluate their marketing tools; looking at which tools delivered and which ones didn’t meet expectations. They’ll bring out those interesting metrics that marketers love to talk about, impressions, traffic, click-through rates, ...

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